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Britney wearing a Spear Brit shirt.

Justin took a sky dive. Check out how long his hair would be if it was straight.

Below are the girlfriends Justin has had. Veronica is from his mothers group Innosense, and Tonya is (or was) an upcoming singer. He dated Tonya in 1998. He dated Veronica in around 1996 or 1997.

Justin is in the b-blue hat below. He was dancing on stage during Tatiana Ali (sp?) opening act preformance. Take notice that he and her went out on a few dates, but they never fully became boyfriend and girlfriend. Joey is in the black hat. This was during early 1999.

Here's another picture of Justin with Tatiana. His hair was spiked aww.

Justin's younger brother Jonathan. He has Justin's eye shape. Ya think?

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