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RARE/Justin and Britney Pictures

Here are some very rare pictures of Justin and Britney and other things. Warning---If you don't want to see them together or kissing, or holding hands DON'T LOOK! And please don't e-mail me crying. It may not be the best that they are together but there is nothing we can do about it. PLEASE DON'T LOOK IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEM TOGETHER!! DON'T!!

I thought this picture was pretty weird.

I thought this picture was cute lol

OMG! This is Justin and Britney kissing. No the pic is not that clear either! Yes it is really them. There are more pictures and even a video of it.

This is Justin hugging Britney at her birthday.

This is a picture of Justin and Britney at a hotel. this was taken July 17th. Justin has on the gray hoodie, Brit has on that bright shirt.

Here is Justin and Britney in an add. 

Here they are shopping together. OMG they are everywhere together!

Here is Justin pulling Britney. They were coming out of a club after the VMA's

Justin and Britney holding hands at the beach.

Justin and Britney coming out of a restaurant.

Justin and Britney arriving at the beach.

Justin and Britney hanging out.


Here is Justin and Britney in their MMC days with Christina A.


Britney in the Back seat of Justin's car, flicking the camera ppl off. (Justin's body guard is driving)


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